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February 10

Tenisha Bell, CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group Will Lead Discussion On The Impact Of Drinking, Driving, and Networking As Journalists… Sponsored by Tito’s Vodka

Tenisha Taylor Bell, President of Perfect Pitch Media Group, LLC.She is a 16+ year award winning media executive and communications specialist. For the past 11 years Tenisha served as an executive producer for CNN. She was responsible for the execution of live programming on a daily basis. One of her main management responsibilities included recruiting […]

December 22

Cocktails and Etiquette: Do You Know How To Sip With Class? #AreYouRatchet

Written By E’lon Jarret – Cocktail Chronicles Interns (Kennesaw State University) On Tuesday, December 22, 2016 Cocktail Chronicles hosted “Cocktails and Etiquette: Do You Know How To Sip With Class?” was both informative and fun! This event was geared toward how to be a great host/hostess as well as how to be a great guest […]

December 20

Tonight Learn The Proper Etiquette When Attending Home Parties… #AreYouRatchet

ABSTRCT: This is a formal way to provide consumers with the do’s and don’ts of the expectations of attending a home party.  We will discuss the written rules and unwritten rules for hosts to manage difficult situations.  Often times people truly just don’t know what the expectations are and no one tell them.  There are […]

August 29

Cocktail Chronicles Campus Edition…

Cocktail Chronicles Campus Edition Proposal: Alcohol Awareness & Safety Mission: The mission of Cocktail Chronicles Campus Edition is to provide awareness to teens and young adults about the consequences of drinking alcohol at an early age.  We provide fact based information to make teenagers think twice before taking a sip.  This program also offers health […]

June 07

Recap of Cocktails & Politics

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cocktails & Politics: Do Politicians Get A Sipping Pass?   Atlanta, GA – Cocktail Chronicles hosted an event called “Cocktails & Politics: Do Politicians Get a Sipping Pass?” The hashtag for the event was #ORNAH. It was from 7:00-9:00 pm on May 17th.  Cocktail Chronicles created an opportunity to have a conversational […]