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February 17

New Rape Charge In Atlanta Nightclub Case

Atlanta Blackstar Tanasia Kenney A judge added on a rape charge against a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside of an Atlanta nightclub last month. 34- year-old Dominique Williams was arrested last month for the assault of Jasmine Eiland, the survivor of the incident that went live streaming to Facebook the night the […]

January 23

Woman’s Rape Recorded at Opera Nightclub

EDM News John Cameron A woman who attended an event at Opera Nightclub this past weekend was being recorded while being taken advantage of. Jasmine Eiland was out for a night on the town, attending a party at Opera Atlanta on January 19th when she was raped at a party by an apparent male attendee […]

January 02

Surveillance Cameras In New Orleans’ Bars?

NOLA News Beau Evans If you’ve ever been to the French Quarter, then you should know all about their bar and drink selections. You would also know how hectic it can be in the late hours of the night, as plenty throughout the city are known for having one too many. Someone mildly drunk is […]