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January 15

The Strictest Alcohol Laws In The United States

Insider Ann Schmidt America has had a long run with it’s issues regarding alcohol, from who can drink it to how you can buy it. Some may be working the system in regards of getting rid of the prejudice against a shot or two, but some places have gone decades standing their ground on the […]

December 03

Ocean-Spray Being Sued

American Council on Science & Health Alex Berezow There are still many people in the world who are undergoing the debate of artificial flavors and natural juices, and the center of the controversy is now making its way to the courtroom. Ocean-Spray Company, who is widely known for their distribution of cranberry juice and other […]

June 16

The five US states that like to drink the most

New research has revealed where to find the biggest drinkers in the USA. The study, carried out by gambling website PlayUSA, looks into the number of times Americans have used the internet to search for places to drink alcohol in their state over the past month, taking in a total of 823 million search entries […]