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July 15

Join Us And the Atlanta Nightlife Alliance at Their Monthly Mixer

Join Je’ Wesley Day TONIGHT @ 6 pm with the Atlanta Nightlife Alliance and their monthly mixer. Special guest speaker Tanganyika “Tangy” Daniel will be joining us this evening as we begin our dialogue concerning the effects of the nightlife community by the legalization of marijuana. Please do not hesitate to show up! We need […]

January 26

Why You Won’t See Weed In The Super Bowl Ads

Wikileaf Anna Lucia Krupp Next week, Atlanta will host the biggest game of the football season, and we will all be witness not just to battling teams, but to performances, and most importantly, the commercials. Most popular would have to be anything with a drink like Pepsi and many, many beers. However, did you ever […]

January 06

Budweiser Investing In Pot Drinks?

CBS Albany Associated Press Its no secret that marijuana has been higher on people’s wishlist than alcohol has in most recent years, so it wouldn’t be entirely shocking if those in the beverage industry dipped some of their toes into the money pool for the newest invention being pot drinks. Now, it looks like Budweiser […]

December 03

Legalized Marijuana Could Dilute Drinks Sales…

Figures from Washington State suggest impact of cannabis availability on spirits consumption. Written by Bob Krummert More customers who want to catch a buzz may use marijuana, not alcohol, to do it. Recent passage of multiple marijuana initiatives, one of which approved in-restaurant cannabis consumption for Denver, might some day lead to a revenue windfall […]