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March 13

The Best Irish Pubs In Atlanta

Atlanta Journal Constitution St. Patrick’s Day is being celebrated this upcoming weekend, and many of you may be looking for a nice place to do your upcoming partying. Well, we had the opportunity to observe some of the best places throughout the city of Atlanta to go for this weekend! Fado Irish Pub The pub […]

March 21

The Most Irish U.S. Cities (Based on Guinness Orders at Bars)…

By Reggie Woo  Reggie Woo March 17, 2017 Posted in Industry Culture and tagged Alcohol Industry, Atlanta, Beer, Boston, Chicago, Cities, Infographics, Los Angeles, New York City, St. Patrick’s Day, Trends, Washington DC.   How “Irish” is your city? Because we’re based in Boston, we at BevSpot take our St. Patrick’s Day drinking very seriously. So seriously […]