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April 14

“Pepsi Produced Cat Sh*ttery Video,” Says Dr. Burks… #BoughtWisdom

Written by Tony Lamair Burks II, EdD – Contributing Writer of Cocktail Chronicles Trust and believe that some leaders at PepsiCo now fully understand why my new book is named like this: Bought Wisdom: Tales of Living and Learning. A team from PepsiCo spent time, money, and effort producing a cat sh*ttery video, they then […]

September 11

Are Teachers Treated Unfairly For Sipping & Posting Online?

Teachers are finding themselves under more scrutiny these days as technology becomes more advanced, and social media becomes increasingly popular.  School districts around the nation are incorporating morality clauses that prevent teachers from drinking and posting online or even befriending their students on social media.   On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia, we […]