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April 30

Episode 64 – Cocktails & Soda: What Does Your Tongue Say? #FlavoredOrNot

Tonight on the 100-Proof Radio Show, we will explore if consumers truly do desire flavored soda.  We are going to do some in-studio focus groups to see what people on the street like and do not like.   Earlier this year, Coca-Cola released the Orange Vanilla flavored Coke. Now Coke hasn’t come out with a […]

January 30

Pepsi Throwing Shade To Coca-Cola?

11 Alive News Michael King Well if it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, it should now. As if there wasn’t anything follow-up disappointment aside from the fact that our Atlanta Falcons won’t be playing in this year’s Super Bowl, our favorite drink Coca-Cola won’t be hosting it either. PepsiCo has been the known sponsor of […]

November 30

Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s Pledge to Pakistan

Reuters Asif Shahzad Looks like this is the first time America’s two favorite soft drinks won’t be budding heads. Pepsi and Coca-Cola executives discussed some details with the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recently, regarding the companies’ pledge to invest over $1.4 billion dollars into the country. Coca-Cola has already created business ventures with Pakistan, […]

June 16

Andrew Davis shares how he became the global diversity leader for Coca-Cola

When Andre Davis was 12 years old and living in Spanish Town, Jamaica, a Coca-Cola in a classic glass bottle was a special treat on a hot day. But the company that made Coke was a world away. No one could have convinced him that, one day, he’d be so closely connected to the famous company. […]

May 19

Is Coke It???

Coca-Cola’s new boss tries to move beyond its core product More governments see its sugar-laden products as a scourge. Print edition | Business May 18th 2017| ATLANTA Written by Economist.com  FEW companies are as defined by a single product as Coca-Cola. The firm has sold the sweet dark soda since 1886. At its headquarters in […]

May 03

Coca-Cola To Cut 1,200 Jobs As Sales Slump…

Written by Paul R. La Monica   @lamonicabuzz April 25, 2017: 1:20 PM ET Coca-Cola’s sales continue to fizzle — and the company is planning to cut 1,200 jobs to try and get back on track. Coke (KO) said in its earnings report Tuesday that the layoffs, which will begin in the second half of this […]

October 04

Coke Discloses Millions in Grants for Health Research and Community Programs…

Written By: Anahad O’Connor – New York Times Coca-Cola, the world’s largest maker of sugary beverages, has spent almost $120 million in the past five years to pay for academic health research, partnerships with major medical groups and community fitness programs aimed at curbing the obesity epidemic. The list, published Tuesday on the company’s website, […]

June 02

Coke + Ciroc + Starbucks = WINNERS!!!

Cocktail Chronicles Announces Winners of the Beverage Brands Battle Winners to Be Awarded At Upcoming Cocktail Chronicles Events June 1, 2016   ATLANTA, GA, Cocktails Chronicles is an online multi-digital publication whose mission is to empower consumers on their beverage choices, is pleased to announce the winners of its “Battle of the Beverage Brands” competition.  […]

February 27

Leaving Coke Alone To Take Success By Force…

After receiving well over a thousand rejection letters from liquor organizations over the years, I attempted to follow my passions for the beverage industry to the non-alcoholic side. Equipped with previous mid-level sales experience as the former Northeast Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for L’Oreal, USA and coupled with two new Master Degrees (MBA in […]

January 27

Pepsi Sponsors Party In Coke’s Backyard…

Written by: Je’ Wesley Day, MBA On Sunday, December 13, 2015, Pepsi-Cola was a sponsor in hosting the 9th Annual Holiday Gala for the National Black MBA Association of Atlanta that was held less than a mile away from Coca-Cola’s U.S. Headquarters at the all new Mason Murer Fine Art Museum located in the heart […]