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February 05

Willie Nelson Launches Coffee Line

ABC 13 Country Music star Willie Nelson is dipping his toes into the beverage industry with a new line of coffee. The first product in his line known as “Willie’s Remedy”, Nelson is planning to put out his first line of hemp-infused coffee. The hemp oil is certifiably organic and grown in Colorado, with the […]

January 13

Woman Loses Job After Politically Charged YouTube Video

Yahoo Lifestyle Ristretto Roasters Co-owner Nancy Rommelmann may have landed herself into hot water after footage was released of the coffee-shop owner giving some opposite opinions about the #MeToo Movement and sexual assault survivors. Rommelmann’s alleged former employee of the coffee shop, Camila Coddou, recognized her in a video in which Rommelmann participated in a […]

December 26

How Coffee And Alcohol Will Affect You In This Cold Weather

Inquisitr News Alisha McKinney There’s no doubt that you haven’t had a least one cup of something warm since this cold weather has hit, whether its coffee, cocoa, even alcohol. As great as the feeling might be, Wall Street Journal warns what is really happening to your body once the drinks hit your system. Although […]

December 11

Coca-Cola Taking It Slow With Business Deals In The Coming New Year

CNBC Amelia Lucas Coca-Cola Company has made a pretty good handful of deals this 2018, but CEO James Qunicey is not so sure that he can match those numbers for next year. Quincey recently had an interview with CNBC’s Sara Eisen and spoke on not pushing his luck too far and paying attention to deals […]

April 02

This Is How The Healthiest People In The World Take Their Coffee…

There’s a lot you can learn from another nation’s coffee culture. Written By Julie R. Thomson The United Nations just published its Human Development Report, which ranks the nations with people who live the longest, healthiest lives. We took a look at the top 10 nations and decided to investigate how each of them generally take their […]

April 02

Decaf Coffee Taste Test: The Good, The Bad And The Really, Really Bad…

By Eva Hill, Julie R. Thomson   Decaf is often met with scorn in the coffee world, and it’s usually completely deserved. It’s coffee without its greatest attribute — CAFFEINE — so what’s even the point? Also, it tastes terrible 99 percent of the time. This scornful attitude only heightens decaf’s bad reputation, because it […]

November 28

Costa Coffee Launches In-Store Cup Recycling Scheme…

Written by: Rebecca Smithers, consumer affairs correspondent UK’s biggest coffee chain will take paper cups from any brand at recycling points in all of its stores Costa says its could recycle as many as 30m cups a year from its own stores alone. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian The UK’s largest coffee chain Costa […]

November 02

Coffee-Loving Millennials Push Demand To A Record…

Written by Marvin G. Perez Millennials’ seemingly unquenchable thirst for coffee is helping to push global demand to a record just as supplies are tightening. Americans are becoming java junkies at an earlier age, and young adults are increasing their daily consumption at a fast enough pace to make up for declines by older folks. […]