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July 16

Join Us For An Episode of 100-Proof Radio TONIGHT!

Everyone knows that the combination of alcohol and music makes for a good party.  However, what happens if you can only choose one.  Which matters most to you in order to have a good time?  Drinks or Music?  What matters most to consumers these days when out in a bar or night-club?  Is it the […]

June 30

Nightlife Events in Miami

Miami Beach Times Karima Sahloul Korshak With the summer still just beginning, some of you may have no idea where to take that next trip. But of course, Miami is never a bad place to be! Have no idea what to do when you get there? Well, here are some hotspots for a good brunch […]

June 11

Cocktails & Music: How Does Alcohol Impact The Music Industry?

The first evidence of fermented beverages was found in a 9000-year-old archaeological site in China, alongside some of the oldest intact musical instruments. Meaning, a good sip has been paired with soulful tunes longer than hip-hop has been alive. Cocktail Chronicles’ 100-Proof Radio Show will lead a healthy, mature, and fun discussion about  “Cocktails & Music: […]

July 15

Cocktails & Money: Do Your Sips Impact Your Rhyme? #GETLIT

We will lead a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with music industry insiders about alcohol in the entertainment business. The premise of this dialogue is to explore the power of alcohol in the music industry.  Why is alcohol so prevalent within music lyrics and videos?  The host of this event will be Frank Ski of […]