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April 30

Episode 64 – Cocktails & Soda: What Does Your Tongue Say? #FlavoredOrNot

Tonight on the 100-Proof Radio Show, we will explore if consumers truly do desire flavored soda.  We are going to do some in-studio focus groups to see what people on the street like and do not like.   Earlier this year, Coca-Cola released the Orange Vanilla flavored Coke. Now Coke hasn’t come out with a […]

January 31

Coca-Cola Offers New Products In Dry January Closing

Forbes Amy Barnes Did you take part in that fun little activity called Dry January where you didn’t participate in drinking alcohol or liquor for the beginning month of 2019? Well, if you said yes- or even no- Coca-Cola put out a new drink to raise the stakes of the challenge. Or maybe just to […]

January 30

Pepsi Throwing Shade To Coca-Cola?

11 Alive News Michael King Well if it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, it should now. As if there wasn’t anything follow-up disappointment aside from the fact that our Atlanta Falcons won’t be playing in this year’s Super Bowl, our favorite drink Coca-Cola won’t be hosting it either. PepsiCo has been the known sponsor of […]

January 20

How Does Coca-Cola Feel About Super Bowl?

Albany Herald We are just two weeks away from the biggest and most important game in football history, and Atlanta is more than honored to be hosting it: the Superbowl! Not only will two teams be facing off for the top title, but many are looking forward to future commercials and brands. Of course, the […]

January 08

Applebee’s $2 Cocktails

Food and Wine News Mike Pomranz If you’re looking for a cheap drink during Happy Hour this year, then feel free to stop by your local Applebee’s. Applebee’s Grill & Bar is incorporating a “Neighborhood Drink of the Month” for the new year and is starting it off with something special: $2 Cocktails! The billion […]

December 11

Coca-Cola Taking It Slow With Business Deals In The Coming New Year

CNBC Amelia Lucas Coca-Cola Company has made a pretty good handful of deals this 2018, but CEO James Qunicey is not so sure that he can match those numbers for next year. Quincey recently had an interview with CNBC’s Sara Eisen and spoke on not pushing his luck too far and paying attention to deals […]

December 03

Coca-Cola Energy Drink?

Today News Erica Chayes Wida Coca-Cola has to be the biggest manufacturer of soft drinks in America, if not the world. We have consumed every drink sold, so what else could they possibly be selling to us? Would you be willing to try something new, perhaps an energy drink? Coca-Cola has put plans into effect […]

November 30

Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s Pledge to Pakistan

Reuters Asif Shahzad Looks like this is the first time America’s two favorite soft drinks won’t be budding heads. Pepsi and Coca-Cola executives discussed some details with the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recently, regarding the companies’ pledge to invest over $1.4 billion dollars into the country. Coca-Cola has already created business ventures with Pakistan, […]

June 16

Andrew Davis shares how he became the global diversity leader for Coca-Cola

When Andre Davis was 12 years old and living in Spanish Town, Jamaica, a Coca-Cola in a classic glass bottle was a special treat on a hot day. But the company that made Coke was a world away. No one could have convinced him that, one day, he’d be so closely connected to the famous company. […]

June 13

Coca-Cola Seeks Bartenders To Compete…

Shake, Sparkle & Stir Call for Entries! Sunday, October 1 We are seeking talented mixologists/star bartenders to mix it up at MUFSO Conference during the Shake Sparkle & Stir competition, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company! The live competition is hosted on Sunday, October 1st in Dallas @ Nation’s Restaurant News’ MUFSO conference. Develop a cocktail […]