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April 07

Cocktails & Employers: What Are The Unwritten Rules?

Have you ever been in a situation and wondered what you should do when drinking with a superior, peers, or subordinates?  Whether you have or have not, you should come and learn from HR Professionals and hear what no company will truly tell you. RSVP FOR FREE TODAY at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cocktails-employers-what-are-the-unwritten-rules-when-drinking-with-superiors-peers-and-tickets-24382273035

April 03

Join Chick-fil-A’s, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition…

Join LaShawn Pyle, Sr. Manager – Talent Acquisition of Chick-fil-A & Several HR Professionals Explain The Unwritten Rules of Drinking At Corporate Functions… Every month we host live, fun, mature, and healthy discussions about alcohol and beverages. We empower beverage consumers by confirming and dispelling myths, drinking etiquette and decorum tips, and knowledge that will […]