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May 10

Premium Liquor, Bourbon And Tequila Are On The Rise…

A pair of hard-drinking virtual holidays that have a disruptive impact on the American spirits industry converge this weekend, with the tequila-fueled celebration of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow followed by the nattily dressed great American bourbon bash called the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. There’s apparently a horse race, too.“These are two annual events that have […]

November 21

A 10 Point History of Bourbon with Expert Fred Minnick…

A man holding whiskey in a snifter.Writer Fred Minnick knows all there is to know about bourbon’s rich history. Photo courtesy of Fred Minnick. Fred Minnick is perhaps the foremost name in bourbon writing. His books, “Whiskey Women,” “Bourbon Curious,” and most recently, “Bourbon: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of American Whiskey,” are esteemed collections […]