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March 27

Cocktails & Race

Tune in tonight to “100 Proof Radio with Je Wesley” on the topic of, “Cocktails & Race: Do Blacks Receive The Same Level Of Enthusiasm?” #AtHello #AtTheDoor #IntheServiceIndustry In this conversation, Je’ Wesley will explore if minorities receive the same level of customer service when they patronize restaurants and bars. According to a poll conducted […]

June 23

Get up! Up On The Roof (Greenville, SC)…

    Greenville, SC has a growing similarity to other small cities, especially in the Southeast.     With reinvestment in its downtown, along with the growing mixed-use neighborhoods (i.e. businesses on the ground floor and residences above), along with vibrant options for housing, recreation, and other areas, it is a quietly growing area.  It […]

December 16

The #WakeWillLead Capital Campaign Event…

Beverages and balance Written by Andrew Snorton, Contributing Writer of Cocktail Chronicles For a number of business, social, or even fundraising events, part of what comes with the territory is the possibility of alcoholic beverages being served.  As with any such event, it is about enjoying yourself responsibly based on the audience and context of […]

September 01

Proposal & Cocktails In Chicago…

Written By: Andrew Snorton Chicago truly has some beautiful spaces and places.  And there are some truly great settings that even in a city of more than 2 million people, you can find a captivating, out of plain view venue. On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, I am able to do more than just celebrate my […]