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June 07

RIP Kate Spade: Fashion insiders say she was ‘a major alcoholic’

Fashion industry sources say Kate Spade was “a major ­alcoholic” whose marriage and life was spiraling out of control well before her suicide. The handbag designer took her own life in her home. Her body was found by a housekeeper on Tuesday morning. A suicide note led investigators to believe her fractious marriage to Andy […]

May 22

Cocktails & Domestic Violence: Does Your Sip Impact Your Abuse? #DontHitMe

Watch 100-Proof Radio Show LIVE on Facebook on the RollingOut page, as we investigate the association of Cocktails & Domestic Violence. Most couples experience disagreements and arguments, but what happens when heated words become hard fists? And how is this abuse impacted when we throw alcohol in the mix? Studies show that violence in a […]