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August 18

United Airlines Potential Drinking Restriction?

WSB Atlanta News & Talk United Airlines will soon begin the enforcement of their early cutoff for alcohol consumption. United Airlines has informed its pilots that they must abstain from drinking alcohol for 12 hours prior to scheduled flights. The old eight-hour limit complied with Federal Aviation Administration rules, which also prohibit pilots from flying […]

May 16

Undercover Sting Includes More than 180 Liquor Shops

New York Post Bernadette Hogan 186 New York liquor stores were caught red-handed when it was discovered that they were serving alcohol to minors. Following the checkup of 851 businesses in the state, a near 200 of them- including 45 bars, restaurants, and liquor and spirit stores were against compliance when it was discovered that […]

February 07

10 Benefits of Giving Up The Bottle

Insider Zoe Miller There has been this long standing debate on whether alcohol is good or bad for you. Millions of tests and years of research, and no one can still give us the correct answer. So we figured the least we could do is tell you the benefits of which you body goes through […]

January 04

Deputy Drunk and Abusive Towards Florida Woman

A Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy did not have the greatest start to a New Year this past week, as he was reportedly drunk, as well as verbally and physically abusive towards a female citizen. Kevin Baker, who has worked with the police department for over 16 years, was involved in an altercation with a woman […]

January 01

21 Years Old: Is The Bottle Worth The Wait?

Alright. So let’s just have an honest talk here. I’m sure being in your teens, you probably could count on more than two hands of the number of people in high school who were already attending to the bottle. They may have played the alcohol games, been bold enough to take the shots, and the […]

December 21

States Increase Limit On Alcohol Sales For the Holidays

Fortune Chris Morris It’s not uncommon at all if someone wants a drink or two during the holidays, and with just a few days left until Christmas, there is no doubt that alcohol for the adults while kids run around and open presents hasn’t crossed your mind. But it would be in our best interest […]

June 07

RIP Kate Spade: Fashion insiders say she was ‘a major alcoholic’

Fashion industry sources say Kate Spade was “a major ­alcoholic” whose marriage and life was spiraling out of control well before her suicide. The handbag designer took her own life in her home. Her body was found by a housekeeper on Tuesday morning. A suicide note led investigators to believe her fractious marriage to Andy […]

May 22

Cocktails & Domestic Violence: Does Your Sip Impact Your Abuse? #DontHitMe

Watch 100-Proof Radio Show LIVE on Facebook on the RollingOut page, as we investigate the association of Cocktails & Domestic Violence. Most couples experience disagreements and arguments, but what happens when heated words become hard fists? And how is this abuse impacted when we throw alcohol in the mix? Studies show that violence in a […]