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November 12

Residents in Georgia Have Voted on “Brunch Bill”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Maya Prabhu It has been nearly a week since the midterm elections that took place last Tuesday. Outside of the debacle of our future leaders of the state and of the world, Georgia had the opportunity to vote on a bill that lets county residents drink alcohol during restaurant’s brunch hours. Counties such […]

November 05

Who Pops the Most Bottles? The Western US Said to be the Biggest Drinkers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 31 October 2018 Results of a recent study have shown that United States citizens have been dedicating a bigger amount of their paychecks to alcohol in current years. The Journal of the American Medical Association has statistics proving that America’s alcohol consumption has increased more than 7% since the beginning of the 21st […]

October 30

Orlando Club Being Sued For Serving Alcohol To Minors

WFTV9/ ABC News Jason Kelly, Field Sutton Ono Nightclub, found in Orlando, Florida, is facing some trouble as two families are filing a wrongful death suit against the club and holding them responsible for the loss of their two family members. George Stephan and Gretchen Roberts were both 20 and 19 years old when they […]

October 29

Prohibition Party In Effect?

The Fix Victoria Kim When alcohol made its returning debut in 1933 as a legal substance in the United States, it sounded as if no one would ever hear of the Prohibition Party ever again. Now, 85 years later, America is now finding out it is still alive and attempting to become in effect all over […]

October 27

Cocktails and Mommies

Justice Victoria Frederick When it comes to parenthood, a mother will do all she can to keep her child safe as much as possible. She will take the vitamins, visit the doctor, and follow as many of the instructions given to her in order to carry the infant into a full term. One of the […]

October 22

Alcohol and Drugs

Med Shadow Delia O’Hara People all throughout the world have been educated on the dangers of illegal substances and certain alcoholic drinks. More after that, these people have also been trained on the risks of combining the two. Despite the release of pain and anguish that comes from these substances, this duo presents a future […]

October 09

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte’s Alcohol Addiction

CBS Sports Kevin Skiver 6-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is reportedly seeking help after years of suffering from alcohol abuse Jeff Ostrow, Lochte’s lawyer, has said his client has been battling with alcohol for years and that Lochte has acknowledged his problem and his need for rehabilitation. Lochte has already been banned from Olympic […]

June 07

“We the People” Global Goals Campaign

Tomorrow is #ResponsibAllDay! For a whole day, employees around the world will leave their desk to focus on giving back to their local communities. This year,#ResponsibAllDay will focus on the United Nations’ #SustainableDevelopment goals and join the movement to create a better world. “We the People” is a video project for people and our planet that YOU […]

June 25

Researchers Discover Body Image For Teens Linked To Alcohol, Tobacco Use | Hannibal Courier-Post…

22nd June 2017 by philcain Girls who thought they were very good looking were more likely to binge drink. Virginia Ramseyer Winter [of the University of Missouri’s School of Social Work] suggests this is because attractiveness may be associated with popularity, which is related to increased alcohol use. Source:

March 03

What To Drink When You’re Not Drinking…

Written by Alicia Kennedy Non-alcoholic drinks can rival great cocktails if they are also composed of high-quality, fresh ingredients. Photo via iStock/Anna Pustynnikova Drinking well comes easily. Not drinking well, however, can be more of a challenge. Whether for reasons of health or exhaustion, everyone needs a break on occasion, but it doesn’t mean you […]