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January 10

Why Drinking On A Plane Is Bad

SELF Korin Miller Two doctors were recently involved in an interview with in which they spoke on the effects of alcohol while on board commercial flights. Sanjay Kurani, M.D., medical director of inpatient medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University, and Carol Thelen, a family nurse […]

January 09

Can You Hold Your Alcohol As You Get Up In Age?

CBS News While there may be plenty of ethical reasons as to why we must wait until 21 years old for a drink, there may be proof that the younger you can hold your liquor, then the better. Ohio State University clinical psychologist Brad Lander has researched the proficiency of adults’ ability to process alcohol […]

January 07

Finalists For Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition

World of Cruising Josh Stephenson Well, if you’re headed out to sea for vacation anytime soon this 2019, then you may be in for a treat. Bacardi has just done another annual round for their cocktail competition, in which bartender contestants form various cruiselines go up against each other to see who can make a […]

January 06

Budweiser Investing In Pot Drinks?

CBS Albany Associated Press Its no secret that marijuana has been higher on people’s wishlist than alcohol has in most recent years, so it wouldn’t be entirely shocking if those in the beverage industry dipped some of their toes into the money pool for the newest invention being pot drinks. Now, it looks like Budweiser […]

January 02

Surveillance Cameras In New Orleans’ Bars?

NOLA News Beau Evans If you’ve ever been to the French Quarter, then you should know all about their bar and drink selections. You would also know how hectic it can be in the late hours of the night, as plenty throughout the city are known for having one too many. Someone mildly drunk is […]

January 01

21 Years Old: Is The Bottle Worth The Wait?

Alright. So let’s just have an honest talk here. I’m sure being in your teens, you probably could count on more than two hands of the number of people in high school who were already attending to the bottle. They may have played the alcohol games, been bold enough to take the shots, and the […]

December 30

Yellow Tail’s $5 Million SuperBowl Ad

Shanken News Daily Daniel Marsteller Yellow Tail Wine will be making its return in between the biggest event of February: Superbowl 53! After its showoff last year, Yellow Tail became the first wine brand to be advertised in the Super Bowl, and has since been on the rise in sales all year. Since the ad’s […]

December 29

Dry January- A Month Without Alcohol?

Times Now News Are you planning to cancel out the bottle when the New Year hits? Can you think of the last time you went longer than a day without alcohol? Do you think it would be possible for you to do? Well, it looks as if some took the opportunity to see if they […]

December 21

States Increase Limit On Alcohol Sales For the Holidays

Fortune Chris Morris It’s not uncommon at all if someone wants a drink or two during the holidays, and with just a few days left until Christmas, there is no doubt that alcohol for the adults while kids run around and open presents hasn’t crossed your mind. But it would be in our best interest […]

December 18

Grey Goose Pop-Up Shop

Moodie Davitt Report Colleen Morgan A recent partnership has been set in place among Bacardi Global Travel and Grey Goose vodka. The vodka corporation is said to be opening up a pop-up shop at JFK Airport in New York that will run until New Year’s Day. Grey Goose will be providing passengers with cocktails made […]