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November 13

#63|Cocktails & Veterans: What Is The Drinking Culture Of The Military? #HappyVeteransDay

Click Here To Watch   Tune in tonight to learn about the drinking culture of the military? A major problem facing the military is active duty military personnel and alcoholism. A tragically high number of servicemen and women turn to alcohol to cope, leading many to form a dependence. How do our soldiers manage alcohol? […]

November 12

Residents in Georgia Have Voted on “Brunch Bill”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Maya Prabhu It has been nearly a week since the midterm elections that took place last Tuesday. Outside of the debacle of our future leaders of the state and of the world, Georgia had the opportunity to vote on a bill that lets county residents drink alcohol during restaurant’s brunch hours. Counties such […]

November 08

Mass Shooting at California Bar

CBS News Shots were fired last night at a Thousand Oaks nightclub in California last night. Officers found at least one dead outside the nightclub when they appeared on the scene after a series of calls reporting there was a shooter on the loose. Reports say that there were about 200 hundred people in the […]

November 08

South Carolina Alleviates Sunday Alcohol Laws

The State Charles Duncan South Carolina will soon be seeing a change in when they are allowed to purchase drinks. Back in February, the state of Indiana had just repealed their Blue Law, and it looks as if others are following suit. Just yesterday, more than 6 counties in the state of South Carolina provided […]

November 06

New Bar Opening In Topeka

Topeka Capital-Journal Savanna Maue A married couple in Topeka, Kansas has successfully achieved their dream of opening their own bar. Jacques and Chelsea Smith had dreams of opening their own bar initially when they moved to Topeka, and they made no hesitation in their plans when they bought the building back in August. However, the […]

November 06

Cocktail Chronicles #62: Cocktails And Betrayal: Do You Sip With Your Haters?

Watch 100-Proof Radio Live tonight on or on rolling out’s Facebook page! . Tonight, our host @jewesley06 will be leading a discussion, all about Cocktails & Betrayal: Do You Sip With Your Haters? #AreYouPhony #FakeFriends #NoOneIsLoyal Special guests, including: . . . Chandon Carter, CRS, Relationship Strategist & Founder of the RICE Awards     Noelle Hughley -Journalist   […]

November 05

Who Pops the Most Bottles? The Western US Said to be the Biggest Drinkers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 31 October 2018 Results of a recent study have shown that United States citizens have been dedicating a bigger amount of their paychecks to alcohol in current years. The Journal of the American Medical Association has statistics proving that America’s alcohol consumption has increased more than 7% since the beginning of the 21st […]

October 30

Orlando Club Being Sued For Serving Alcohol To Minors

WFTV9/ ABC News Jason Kelly, Field Sutton Ono Nightclub, found in Orlando, Florida, is facing some trouble as two families are filing a wrongful death suit against the club and holding them responsible for the loss of their two family members. George Stephan and Gretchen Roberts were both 20 and 19 years old when they […]

October 30

Mexico City Explosion at Alcohol Factory

Daily Mail Kayla Brantley An explosion occurred at a local alcohol factory in Mexico City just last week. It was said that a tank exploded inside the factory, causing a massive fire that caused one injury to an older gentleman and 2,000 people to evacuate their homes if they were within a certain radius of […]

October 29

Weed and Wine: Will Liquor Stores Start Selling Marijuana?

Marijuana Moment Tom Angell As the United States still decides if marijuana intake should be considered constitutional or not (medically and recreationally), many are getting ahead of themselves, and the law, and starting their own dispensaries for the substance. However, there are some who are finding an easier, more cost-effective way for consumers to buy […]