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April 17

‘100-Proof Radio Show’ w/Je’ Wesley comes to an end on the Sensation Station Network effective immediately

After eight months on the air, the 100-Proof Radio Show ranked within the top two shows on the network and garnered over 300k online followers Atlanta, GA., April 17, 2017 (Cocktail Chronicles)  It is with deep regret that Cocktail Chronicles inform you of the immediate cancellation of 100-Proof Radio Show on the Sensation Station Network […]

April 10

Cocktails & Entrepreneurship

Listen and watch live tonight as we will lead a healthy, informative, and mature discussion on the discovery of the first black master distiller of Whiskey whose name is Nearest Green aka Uncle Nearest. Fawn Weaver is the owner and proprietor of Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey and responsible for bringing the Uncle Nearest story to […]

April 03

 Cocktails and Homelessness

Listen and Watch live tonight as we will lead a healthy, informative, and mature discussion on the correlation between alcohol and homelessness. We’ll explore what it is like living on the streets in Atlanta and other provinces, primary causes of homelessness, and if those factors alone compels one to reach for a drink. Additionally, we will explore […]

March 27

Cocktails & Race

Tune in tonight to “100 Proof Radio with Je Wesley” on the topic of, “Cocktails & Race: Do Blacks Receive The Same Level Of Enthusiasm?” #AtHello #AtTheDoor #IntheServiceIndustry In this conversation, Je’ Wesley will explore if minorities receive the same level of customer service when they patronize restaurants and bars. According to a poll conducted […]

March 20

Cocktails & Comedy

Does alcohol make the audience laugh more? Does alcohol influence the audience’s perception of the comedian and receptivity of the jokes from the comics on stage? Are you ready for a show that will surely make you LOL!?!? Listen and Watch LIVE tonight “100-Proof Radio with Je Wesley” on Facebook via the Sensation Station Network page, […]