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October 27

A Lift On Alcohol Deliveries

Justice Victoria Frederick September 30, 2018 U.S. online grocery stores hit a record high of 17.5 billion dollars in revenue this year and are said to rise to an estimate of 30 billion dollars by 2021. These grocery deliveries in most recent times have included liquor and alcohol… or at least it has tried. Cities […]

October 27

Racist Alcohol Ads

Justice Victoria Frederick It’s no secret that America’s foundation was built on part racism, as a way of showcasing one race being the superior race over every other minority. As much as people try to “make light” of the situation and this nation’s politics, some refuse to let up on laughing around the problems that […]

October 27

Cocktails and Mommies

Justice Victoria Frederick When it comes to parenthood, a mother will do all she can to keep her child safe as much as possible. She will take the vitamins, visit the doctor, and follow as many of the instructions given to her in order to carry the infant into a full term. One of the […]

October 09

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte’s Alcohol Addiction

CBS Sports Kevin Skiver 6-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is reportedly seeking help after years of suffering from alcohol abuse Jeff Ostrow, Lochte’s lawyer, has said his client has been battling with alcohol for years and that Lochte has acknowledged his problem and his need for rehabilitation. Lochte has already been banned from Olympic […]