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In today’s world, social media can make you famous! Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook have become more than a place for people to share with friends. People’s platforms now can gain thousands of followers and potentially make you our next celebrity. If you are consistent enough to “do it for the gram,” you can turn around and rack up big bucks from these platforms who are in dyer need to keep their business flowing by capitalizing on your talents. 

So yes, social media has indeed changed the face of fame and the game. Now we have big names who started from the bottom competing with an instagram model for gigs. Is it as easy as it looks to get on? The illusion of instant fame has people doing some strange things for change. What’s really real out here? It’s truly a thin line between what is real on social media and who’s simply clout chasing. On today’s show we talk with a few of Atlanta’s top professionals both in the media and medical world who are going to give their insights on the good, the bad and the ugly of the addictive nature of social media that’ll have anyone doing anything to acclaim fame.