United Airlines Potential Drinking Restriction?

WSB Atlanta News & Talk

United Airlines will soon begin the enforcement of their early cutoff for alcohol consumption.

United Airlines has informed its pilots that they must abstain from drinking alcohol for 12 hours prior to scheduled flights.

The old eight-hour limit complied with Federal Aviation Administration rules, which also prohibit pilots from flying with a blood-alcohol content at or above 0.04%. Almost all states make it a crime to drive a car at or above 0.08%.

An extra four hours will help social drinkers sober up, although it might not be long enough for a heavily drunken person. Some researchers calculate that once someone puts down the bottle, their blood-alcohol level drops 0.015% each hour. At that rate, a drinker could go from 0.12% to zero in eight hours, or from 0.18% to zero in 12 hours.

Although a representative of United declined to answer, this new rule is alleged to have come about in the aftermath of two pilots that were arrested at an airport in Scotland. They were charged with suspicion of being under the influence before taking off for a flight to the U.S.

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