Does Orange Juice Enhance The Sip of Your Margarita?

The Daily Meal

Taylor Rock

Some would think that if you want to make your margarita better, then all you would need to do is just add more alcohol. However, there seems to be a new ingredient for advice: orange juice!

In our experience, pre-bottled margarita mix is for the birds. Convenience counts for something, but if you want something that truly tastes up to par, make it fresh. All you need are limes, triple sec (orange liqueur) and orange juice, which doesn’t typically go in your standard margarita, but the advice is actually opening up some eyes.

Unless you have a heavy pour, the lime cuts the tequila. This is complemented by the triple sec, but the whole thing can sometimes taste a little too thin and tart. This is where the OJ comes in. It gives the drink a smoother, slightly thicker consistency and makes it more sweet than sour.

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