Budweiser Applies For Trademark As…

Dot Esports

Cole Ricke

E-sports have been a form of gaming on the rise over the last decade, and over the years, more and more companies and businesses have wanted to get in on the next big thing. Well, it seems Anheuser-Busch brewing company is one of them. The owner of Budweiser has officially put in an application for trademark as: “the official beer of esports,” “the official beer of gaming,” and “the official beer of gamers.”

Viewers noticed the application on the US Patent and Trademark Office website, and as legendary as this may seem, Budweiser would not be the first to try and succeed on this matter. MillerCoors sponsors Complexity Gaming and also paid for streamers to sponsor its products and advertise for the company on avenues of exposure, Twitch streaming being the most popular. However, this would be the first time the beer company, or any for that matter, would be trademarking a phrase and not just a name.

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