June 30

Sprite Pays Homage To Hip-Hop In New Campaign

Marketing Dive

Barry Levine

Sprite just launched its’ new campaign this past Thursday, honoring newcomers to the hip- hop scene.

“Thirst For Yours” is a new campaign of the soft drink’s, which has replaced the long- running “Obey Your Thirst”, which promoted self-expression and individuality on the rap scene. Sprite group director Aaliyah Shafiq speaks highly of campaign as it still focuses its scope on its fan base of 13 to 24-year-olds.

The campaign will be highlighting new influencers to Generation X, such as Kodie Shane and Seth Giscombe, and has began its activation by making the campaign a partner with the 2019 BET Awards, but Shafiq and others have made it clear that Sprite has no intention of abandoning the hip-hop scene, of which would make sense since the genre was the most-streamed throughout music applications last year.

Sprite has been in partnership with the hip-hop scene for some time, actually since 1986 with a commercial that featured hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow. The “Obey Your Thirst” Campaign was not far behind, first being produced in 1994. We have since seen involvement with the soft drink from a number of artists such as Drake, Nas, and Rakim.

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