Texas Breweries Begin Selling Alcohol To Go

Dallas News

Robert Garrett

Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1545 that makes alcohol to go from breweries lawful in the state of Texas.

Underside view of draft beer glasses while four male friends clinking in the pub.

Prior to the bill being signed, only brewpubs were the only places that could allow alcohol to be consumed and sold on the premises. Starting September 1st, 2019, breweries throughout Texas will be given the official right to do so as well. The online petition to start the bill received over 15,000 signatures and endorsements. Austin Beerworks brewery in North Austin even hosted a signing ceremony.

The passing of HB 1545 also cuts down on some required fees alcohol and liquor licenses and permits required for businesses. It will expand the number of liquor store permits that an individual can own, but will still not allow businesses like Walmart and Costco to sell liquor in the state of Texas. There is another bill, however, still being reviewed by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to see if that can change.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs HB1545 into law, which allows craft breweries to sell beer-to-go. Abbott is joined by Austin Beerworks owner Adam Debower (far right), bill sponsors Representative Chris Paddie (seated left) and Senator Brian Birdwel (seated right), along with representatives from the TACB and other legislators. Craft Beer Bill Signing Austin, Tx June 15, 2019

Despite the overwhelming amount of support for HB 1545, the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas evidently didn’t like the prospect of consumers directly taking beer home from a brewery, diverting revenue from distributors. 

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