SEC Is Allowing Alcohol At Sports Events!!!

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Eric Jackson

The Southeastern Conference has changed its beverage policies for partnering colleges and universities to allow alcohol for sporting events in the coming Fall season.

The new policy is allowing new revenue to make an increase to the SEC’s net worth. According to the new policy, 14 partnering schools of the conference will be given the power of authority for selling alcoholic beverages in athletic venues.

Each school that allows alcohol sales during games must establish a policy governing its sale and distribution, which must be consistent with guidelines agreed to by the conference membership. SEC athletic programs previously were prohibited from selling alcohol in public areas at its sports venues.

“We are proud of the great game-day atmospheres the SEC and our member schools have cultivated throughout our history, and no other conference rivals the SEC in terms of our ability to offer an intense yet family-friendly atmosphere for all our fans,” said University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides, who serves as chair of the SEC Presidents and Chancellors. “This policy is intended to enhance the game-day experience at SEC athletic events by providing our schools the autonomy to make appropriate decisions for their respective campuses while also establishing expectations for responsible management of the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.”

Since the new policy was put in place, the SEC has made it clear that serving alcohol is not a requirement of all partnering schools. Rules and regulations for those who are selling, however, are as follows:

  • Designated stop times for sale, including at the end of the third quarter (football) and at the second half 12-minute mark (basketball).
  • Limits on the number of drinks purchased at one time by an individual.
  • Alcohol must be dispensed into cups.

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