Assailant From Homophobic Assault At Atlanta’s Joystick Bar Goes To Court…

Does Atlanta area police look at white victims differently from black victims? In the video below (left) a white man, Junior Gibbons, 18, was the victim of assault when his cellphone was hit to the ground in April by rap star Offset from the group Migos in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Offset was initially charged with a felony.

In the video (right), 41-year-old Je’ Wesley Day’s phone was knocked out of his hand twice before five assailants jumped him in a hate crime because of their perceived perception of his sexual orientation. Day, a freelance journalist took his phone out to record the homophobic epithets and violent threats, November 20, 2018, in the heart of Atlanta’s downtown Historic Old Fourth Ward on Edgewood Ave at the Joystick Game Bar.

In the incident, Charles Huggins, a bouncer at Joystick, is seen making the first attempt to knock the phone from Day’s hand. Huggins was only charged with a misdemeanor ‘affray’ (fighting in public), although his homophobic slurs and threats were caught on camera and he ultimately was successful in taking the phone from Day. The vicious attack left Day at the scene of Joystick Bar with convulsions where he was later placed on life support and in a coma at Grady Memorial hospital. 

The injustices within the Atlanta Police Department are blatant in this instance. There are two similar scenarios, but one victim is white and his assailant was charged with a felony; the other victim is black and his assailant is charged with a misdemeanor.

As a result of Day defending himself against five men who were attacking him, the police and Solicitor’s General Office (Keith Gammage) charged Day with the same crime as Huggins, who admitted to attacking Day first.
“The City of Atlanta must dismantle the systems of unfairness and the structures that create injustices, which all leads to mass imprisonment,” said Day.  Only two of the assailants were charged with the near fatal death of Day:*  

Charles Huggins – charged w/ Affray (fighting in public)*

William Scott – charged w/ Simple Battery

Scott is due in court, 185 Central Ave. – Courtroom 2A, June 14 at 9 a.m.

Day is awaiting his day in court. “I wish they’d hurry up. I’ve lost my job and am unable to find housing,” said Day.
To watch the full actual attack on Je’ Wesley Day, please watch the documentary that aired
Part One:
Part Two:

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