Would You Buy Alcohol From Family Dollar?

New York Times

Derrick Bryson Taylor

At least a thousand Family Dollar stores will be offering a new item or two for customers: Alcohol!

Dollar Tree, the company that bought out Family Dollar back in 2015, made the announcement just last week that they would be providing more selections for alcoholic beverages. The addition of the new items come following the announcement that said almost 400 Family Dollar stores would be closed by the end of the year. Despite recent improvements like these increases in alcohol sales, some employees of the chain store’ s management do not agree with the new plan.

Neil Saunders, the managing director of GlobalData Retail, had a different take on the bargain chain’s plans to sell alcohol.

“Adding alcohol will be helpful inasmuch as it will drive some additional footfall into the stores and those customers will likely go on to purchase other products, such as snacks,” he said. “However, adding alcohol is not a silver bullet for Family Dollar.”

Parents in the areas disapprove the new addition, saying it is only encouraging the drinking culture for children that live in the low-income communities where most of the Family Dollars are located, often within the same complex of a liquor store.

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