Undercover Sting Includes More than 180 Liquor Shops

New York Post

Bernadette Hogan

186 New York liquor stores were caught red-handed when it was discovered that they were serving alcohol to minors.

Following the checkup of 851 businesses in the state, a near 200 of them- including 45 bars, restaurants, and liquor and spirit stores were against compliance when it was discovered that minors were buying alcohol, more often than not with fake IDs.

“Underage drinking and fake IDs are not only illegal but can lead to reckless decisions with lifelong consequences,” Governor Cuomo said. “We will continue to take action to hold businesses accountable for illegal sales as well as those who use fake IDs. We have zero tolerance for these offenses in New York.”

Businesses charged with underage sales face penalties as high as $10,000.

First-time rule breakers pay between $2,500 and $3,000.

But repeat offenders could forfeit liquor licenses altogether, and employees can be charged with misdemeanors.

The underage sting operation was conducted jointly by the state Liquor Authority, Department of Motor Vehicles and law enforcement agencies.

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