Heiress of Seagram Liquor Pleads Guilty to Crimes in New York


Amir Vera & Sonia Moghe

Two women plead guilty to a sex trafficking and racketeering pyramid scheme just two weeks ago in a New York federal court.

Kathy Russell and Clare Bronfman, a known heiress to the Seagram Liquor fortune, were indicted back in March on racketeering charges for their involvement with a cult-like organization known as Nxivm. Bronfman is involved with the executive board of Nxivm, while Russell was their bookkeeper. Bronfman is facing between 21 and 27 months in prison, while Russell is facing between six and 12 months. Russell is also being charged for visa fraud.

The group, Nxivm, was founded by Keith Raniere, who is also being indicted and held in federal custody in Brooklyn. He faces charges for sex trafficking and forced labor.

Bronfman is being sentenced on July 25th, and Russell on the 31st.

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