Morehouse Alumnus Develops His Own Liquor Label

Atlanta Voice

Hunter Gilmore

Who said an HBCU graduate couldn’t do great things?

A Morehouse graduate has accepted his place among prominent black business owners as he takes on the great responsibility of creating his own premium liquor label.

At the time Shawann Crumpler graduated from Morehouse College back in 2016, he was also sent overseas as an Army deploy. It dawned on him after observing a bottle of Hennessy to investigate who actually owns the billion-dollar product. I was not entirely shocking to him to find that the owner was, in fact, a white male. “I began conducting research and realized Hennessey is owned by the white man and we (black people) are the primary consumers of their liquor. I then researched how to make my own liquor and it transpired from there.”

Crumpler began taking the steps to bring consumers to a new bottle known as Savíor Ládell. “I got the name from the original French word “savoír” meaning “to know” in French,” said Crumpler. “Ládell is actually my middle name so I added the two together to get “to know Ládell.”

Impressive, right?

The Morehouse Man plans to sell each bottle for $50-$60. Crumpler’s brandy label is expected to project a net worth of $20 million by next year.

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