Wendy Williams’ Alleged Relapse Following Rumors of Husband’s Mistress

Mercury News

Martha Ross

TV Host Wendy Williams reportedly checked out of her sober living home last weekend and began a relapse on alcohol.

The entertainment host began her relapse allegedly following news that her husband, Kevin Hunter, has a mistress that recently (and allegedly) delivered his child.

The 54-year-old was seen headed to her sober living home following an episode of her self-titled show Monday, and then checked out shortly after. Williams’ associates eventually found her in enough time to get her to a nearby hospital for IV fluids, and she was in enough shape to deliver herself to an audience the following morning. She returned to sober living after the show.

Kevin Hunter’s alleged mistress named Sharina Hudson, gave birth on March 20 in a Philadelphia hospital. Rumors have circulated that throughout the 22- year marriage between Williams and Hunter, Hunter has been with Hudson for as long as 10 years. Hunter is also Williams’ manager.

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