Can Axe Help Hide The Smell of Alcohol?

New York Post

Associated Press

Axe Body Spray has been widely known to the world as the best body freshener for men since before the start of the 21st Century, but we’re not so sure if the producers of the product ever intended for the spray to be used as a breath freshener.

Police arrested a man in South Carolina on a traffic stop this past weekend after it was discovered that he had sprayed Axe into his mouth to cover up the alcohol smell on his breath.

After speeding past the deputy on the interstate, Efren Mencia-Ramirez, aged 49, was pulled over soon after swerving into another lane.

Authorities found Mencia-Ramirez with a 12-pack of beer on the floor of his car upon observation, with 10 of the beers shown to be empty and another recently opened one between his legs while behind the wheel.

So far, he has only been charged with a DUI.

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