NYPD Raids On NYC Nightlife

CBS News

When it comes to New York City Nightlife, the state of New York is looking at a local tax revenue of over $750 million.

As phenomenal as this sounds, the financial success does come with its run of problems.

Less than 30 minutes from the Big Apple is the 114th Precinct, led by Commander and Deputy Inspector Osvaldo Nunez, who could be seen at the beginning of March directing his squad and the FDNY into a MARCH operation, MARCH stands for multi-agency response to community hotspots, which people around the five boroughs might know better as police raids.

CBS News had the opportunity to follow the officers on their MARCH operations, ironically at the beginning of March. They began their series of operations at the first location known as Alpha Hookah Lounge. The lounge has received more than 80 emergency calls, usually pertaining to the disorderly conduct among people that have been drinking. Although alcohol is not served there, many customers are known to have a few drinks prior to arriving at the Alpha.

Complaints from various neighbors that live above the business were the first working points that made officials begin their first operation.

Officers then continued on to a club called Fusion, where party-goers were accused of being above the legal limit of noise.

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