New Rape Charge In Atlanta Nightclub Case

Atlanta Blackstar

Tanasia Kenney

A judge added on a rape charge against a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside of an Atlanta nightclub last month.

34- year-old Dominique Williams was arrested last month for the assault of Jasmine Eiland, the survivor of the incident that went live streaming to Facebook the night the events took place.

Based on the testimonies of a police detective working the case, and two witnesses that were there on the night of January 19th, the Fulton County judge made an executive decision in adding a rape charge.

There is also word of two more videos from the night of the alleged rape that will be entered into evidence during the trial. Footage shows Eiland repeatedly yelling at her attacker to stop. Eiland alleges that something was slipped into her drink prior to her being violated on the dance floor.

A short time after Eiland’s story was published, it appeared that a second survivor had come forward, alleging that she had been assaulted earlier that same month. Remaining anonymous, the survivor recounts the events leading up to Williams’ attack. She alleges that they met through social media and were supposed to meet for dinner. While everything seemed to be going well, the survivor says she did not feel well, “woozy”. Hours later, she found herself in Williams’s bed.

To the shock and dismay of Williams’ attorney, the judge has allowed for the second allegation to be allowed into court.

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