Missouri Restaurant Employee Calls Police On Black Birthday Party

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Restaurant managers in Missouri called the authorities on a birthday party after their employee refused to continue serving them.

Terrence Dickerson planned a party of 30 to attend a dinner this past Saturday at Blue Sky Tower Grill in Richmond Heights. Dickerson had a contract arranged with the restaurant for reserved space with the agreement that everyone would pay for their own food and beverages, along with a required 20% gratuity fee from the receipts.

However, the female server was soon too overwhelmed to handle the large party. According to Dickerson, the female server left the party table and never came back. “The next message we get is the police want you to leave.”

Police were called soon after and sent 8 officers to the restaurant to escort the party out. Authorities as well as the party guests were corrected in their assumptions, thinking that they were asked to leave because of a disruption. It was soon found out that there was a misunderstanding over how the table would be billed at the end of their meals.

Dickerson alleges that the restaurant assumed that since the party was predominantly black that they would not pay or skip out on the bill.

“Very embarrassing,” said friend Hofton Nelson. “Police told everybody we had to go upstairs because it was a bad look on the place. I told him the fact that we have a black party of 30 and we have a contract to be up here, it looks bad because you have eight police officers here, and no laws are being broken.”

All Dickerson has requested is an apology from management, but they have declined to comment.

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