Homemade Alcohol Kills 100 In Northern India

New York Times

Agnes France-Presse

Over 100 people died just last week due to the consumption of homemade alcohol.

Pintu Kumar joined other villagers in his community in the memorial services of close friends following the accident just last weekend.

Kumar returned home a couple of days ago with small pouches of homemade alcohol to enjoy with friends. No one questioned the cheapness of the drink, which was being sold to the equivalent of 40 cents a pouch, nor did anyone question the milky color or smell which was something similar to diesel fuel. Many died soon after. One describes the collapsing of the many bodies as something that looked like a massacre.

The poisonous drinks have killed over 100 across Northern India, which eventually led to the investigation of underground breweries.

So far, police have made over 3,000 arrests and uncovered thousands of gallons of illicit alcohol. Officials have traced the poisonous drinks to a criminal kingpin in a forest, but they have since been on the run.

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