10 Benefits of Giving Up The Bottle


Zoe Miller

There has been this long standing debate on whether alcohol is good or bad for you. Millions of tests and years of research, and no one can still give us the correct answer.

So we figured the least we could do is tell you the benefits of which you body goes through when you decide to put the bottle away.

Well for one, you would have a healthier liver.

It’s the most common benefit, but often the most ignored also.

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can form the glucose in your body into fat, and too much fat can cause your liver to become inflamed or scarred. This can cause an increase in thirst, abdominal pain, bleeding gums, and fainting. It could also cause high blood pressure and even a loss of brain function.

Giving up the bottle could also significantly improve your digestive system. Those who drink alcohol heavily may encounter acid reflux, gastritis, ans inflammation of the stomach. Cutting alcohol from your diet gives your stomach better control over digestion of foods and beverages, properly converting it into energy for the body instead of wearing it down.

For those of you who are still accepting a glass of wine, or a shot or two, and still haven’t managed to drop those pounds you said you wanted to lose, maybe the alcohol is the problem. Registered dietitian and author Bonnie Taub-Dix, spoke to Insider:

“Alcohol does act like a fat once it’s been metabolized… “Part of losing weight is also looking at a healthier lifestyle. A lot of people don’t consider the calories in alcohol again because they’re not chewing, because it doesn’t seem like it’s rich and fatty and buttery.”

So, you see? Cutting the bottle out of your diet may not be so bad after all.

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