Pub Gets License Suspended Following a Shooting

News 10/ABC

Peter Eliopoulos

River Street Pub had its license suspended yesterday after a shooting that took place in early January.

Authorities were called on January 22nd when a victim sustained a gunshot wound to the stomach and leg. Two people were interviewed, stating the shooting took place inside the pub.

It turns out that when police arrived, the front doors were locked from the inside by the pub’s employees. Another employee ignored the police and locked the doors in the back as well. The pub owner, Vincenzo Pellicano, opened the doors afterwards.

It seems that while the doors were locked, the owner tried cleaning up the crime scene. Authorities smelled a strong scent of bleach near the pool table and found a shell casing. Throughout their investigation, Pellicano lied and failed to report that a shooting ever happened.

Including this and past fines, River Steeet Pub is not allowed to sell or allow consumption of alcohol on their premises.

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