Defense Attorney In Opera Nightclub Assault Case Claims There Is No Evidence


Pierre Meilhan

It was the video that shocked the nation.

A woman was shown being sexually assaulted on a live stream and could be heard yelling for her attacker to stop and leave her alone.

The latest break in the investigation has been the recent arrest of 34-year-old Dominique Williams. Williams has formally been charged with aggravated sodomy and has already prepared himself with his own attorney, Shequel Ross.

Dominique Williams, 34, has been charged with aggravated sodomy.

Prior to Williams’ arrest, Ross posted to her Instagram account that there was no official evidence proving that her client assaulted or raped the alleged victim. Ross, in fact, turned the tables and spoke on the discriminatory behavior that Williams and his community are enduring.

“Our client and his innocent family members have endured harassment as a result of this rush to judgment (sic) without reviewing facts.”

Other than the defense of the suspect, Opera Nightclub put out a statement on Facebook speaking on their cooperation with police and the full investigation.

Since the assault, there have been protests in front of Opera’s building to ensure that the investigation continues.

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