Pepsi Throwing Shade To Coca-Cola?

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Michael King

Well if it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, it should now.

As if there wasn’t anything follow-up disappointment aside from the fact that our Atlanta Falcons won’t be playing in this year’s Super Bowl, our favorite drink Coca-Cola won’t be hosting it either.

PepsiCo has been the known sponsor of the Big Game, and the gracious host of the Halftime Show since 2013, so then it probably wouldn’t be a shock to those who have been paying attention to the billboards across downtown Atlanta.

Pepsi has been throwing a plentiful amount of shade to Coca-Cola in the coming weeks of the game.

Up until this week though.

Pepsi offered a truce with the competitor in a tweet offering that the owners get together. It wasn’t anything that Atlanta natives could hold their breath for, however, since they said it would only be temporary lasting one day.

Pepsi seemed to have invited themselves over to the World of Coca-Cola however, as Atlanta’s drink company never extended an invitation, nor were they aware that the company had showed up.

Amongst the drink’s museum, two statue’s stand near drink machines not too far from the Georgia Aquarium. The statues are of founders of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, John Pemberton and Caleb Bradham. Fans are definitely getting a kick out of the competition.

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