Top Social Media Influencers In The Alcohol Industry

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Julie Case

Many may not believe in the power of persuasion when it comes to social media, and may take for granted the type of influence that online platforms can give to the most youthful generations. However, it may interest some to pay close attention because for some of the most loyal fans, the smallest details mean everything. The next social media influencer among YouTube and Instagram could mean the difference between your favorite new show, favorite shade of makeup, and even your favorite drink.

Take Action Bronson for example. The former chef turned rapper created his own TV show on the Viceland network where he was seen ordering a bottle of Susucaru from fellow acquaintance Frank Cornelissen. Prior to that episode airing, the drink had only been researched 1,300 times the year before, whereas afterward, the wine saw a 24,000 viewer increase. Despite all of this having occurred back in 2016, the demand for Susucaru is still high. Chambers Street co-founder Jamie Wolff says: “We no longer have Frank’s wine on the shelf here for more than a few days a year because of the demand.”

Then again, when you consider the numbers, the publicity is not half bad. Nobody has to necessarily like, comment, or share someone else’s post to consider an item for their own personal use or consumption. All they have to do is see it. When Bronson did a post about the bottle, it only received about 8,300 likes. Sounds like a lot already, right? Now of those likes, think about the fact that Bronson is being followed by 1.5 million followers on Instagram. That is still some great accreditation for someone who is not involved or highly popular in the alcohol industry.

There has been a great mixture of influencers and celebrities that have used their platform for the benefit or growth of someone else’s. Southern California bar owner Matthew Kaner says:

“They direct the narrative to their followers, who then come into wine shops, wine bars, and restaurants looking for those exact wines.”

So who else is getting involved? Well:

Rajat Parr (45.8k Instagram Follwers)

Parr participates in winemaking and is a sommelier.

  1. Pascaline Lepeltier (20.5k IG Followers)

Lepeltier helps and specializes in natural wine.

  1. Patrick Cappielo (29.8k IG Followers)
  1. Eric Wareheim (335k IG Followers)

  1. Lebron James (46.5k IG Followers)

  1. Joe Beddia (31.3k IG Followers)

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