Why You Won’t See Weed In The Super Bowl Ads


Anna Lucia Krupp

Next week, Atlanta will host the biggest game of the football season, and we will all be witness not just to battling teams, but to performances, and most importantly, the commercials.

Most popular would have to be anything with a drink like Pepsi and many, many beers. However, did you ever think about what won’t be featured this year? Like cannabis?

CBS has refused to give air time to an ad that speaks on the benefits of medical marijuana.

The ad was created by Acreage Holdings, which is responsible for 16 cannabis dispensaries in the United States. It is a known leader in the marijuana industry with a revenue of $54.2 million last year. That was a 92% increase from revenue the year before.

The ad includes 3 people who are known cannabis patients, of whom are speaking on the long-term benefits of marijuana use, and calls for the American people to come to action and vote in favor of medical marijuana.

CBS, unfortunately, did not agree and vetoed the ad in a heartbeat.

The rejection was not completely shocking to Chief Marketing Officer Harris Damashek. He says:

“It’s a public service announcement really more than it is an advertisement. We’re not marketing any of our products or retail in this spot…The message was not to promote Acreage’s business, but purely to address this issue.”

Trying not to offend any other brand, Damashek does speak on the fact that the NFL has no problem doing commercials in favor of alcohol of the average volume and hard drinking.

Could this be a setback for the cannabis industry for 2019?

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