THE STIL to Open Two New Locations This Year

Idaho Statesman

Michael Deeds

A Downtown Boise ice cream shop has gained enough popularity- nd money- to open not one, but TWO new locations for the new year.

The STIL, which stands for the Sweetest Things In Life, had their first opening back in the summer of 2017 and have been had nonstop popularity ever since. They have been give local and natioal recognition, so much so that they have accepted the opportunity to start expanding the business.

A mini-location has been put inside of Boise Spectrum, a fairly popular shopping area in Idaho. It has already opened and is located inside of the Chow Public Market.

The next location is said to go up in late summer or early spring of this year. The idea is that it will be a full-sized parlor.

STIL is known for crazy, out-of-the-ordinary flavors such as Maple Bacon and Sweet Tea. Besides those, there have been those flavors that are alcohol-infused. Their most popular? People tend to take a spoonful of their Honey Bourbon flavored ice cream. Dairy-free and vegan ice cream are also options as well.

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