State ID App Being Used For Buying Alcohol


Kevin Foster

Looks like some government officials are coming around on the modern technology side of money and personal documents.

An app released back in May of last year has been accredited with allowing customers in Louisiana to use their digital identification card to buy alcohol and tobacco.

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco has come to an agreement on a new rule in favor of the LA Wallet app, which can also be known as Louisiana’s digital driver’s license. The best part is this was not created by any random person or relates to a scam. It was a team effort among the Louisiana State Police, Department of Public Safety, and the Office of Motor Vehicles, of which they hired a small team of Louisiana college graduates for development.

The ATC is having its staff train employees on proper verification of digital IDs coming from specific apps and digital services. However, retailers and merchants still retain the right to request a physical form of identification at the time of purchase, most importantly if it is mandated to license scanners at specific liquor store locations.

Many government officials are excited for the new opportunity. Representative Ted James says:

“Expanding LA Wallet shows us how we win when we embrace innovation and technology. Too often we find ourselves at the bottom of too many lists; this app has positioned LA as a leader in innovation… “Legislators from around the country have asked me about LA Wallet how their state can join us in technology leadership. Allowing LA Wallet for the use of alcohol and tobacco purchases is the first step into a more tech-friendly future, and it is my hope that Louisiana will take the initiative and become a leader in these efforts.”

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