Singapore Lifts Ban of Adding Alcohol To Food Products

The Drink Business

Natalie Wang

Adding alcohol to food. Is it as appealing as it seems? Well, Singapore seems to believe so since they’ve recently lifted their ban on food products throughout their nation adding alcohol to their recipe.

A statement was released just two weeks ago by the Ministry of Home Affairs after careful review of the country’s Liquor Control Act.

Prior to the review, any food product that contained more than 0.5% of the alcohol volume and was being sold in retail or being consumed in public places was restricted between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am.

In Singapore, the product hit the hardest by this rule was Udders Ice Cream, whose four flavors carried a higher alcohol volume, ranging from 2.8% to almost 4% of alcohol. Their most popular was known as Rum Rum raisin, which contained 3.9% of alcohol.

The Liquor Control Act has been blamed for slow business in the alcohol industry in Singapore. Bars and Pubs have been shut down due to slow business way before the ban was being considered.

Restrictions of alcoholic beverages still remain in place despite this recent news.

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