Woman’s Rape Recorded at Opera Nightclub

EDM News

John Cameron

A woman who attended an event at Opera Nightclub this past weekend was being recorded while being taken advantage of.

Jasmine Eiland was out for a night on the town, attending a party at Opera Atlanta on January 19th when she was raped at a party by an apparent male attendee of the club.

As if this event was not traumatizing enough, Eiland woke up the next morning to discover that she was being recorded. Two separate live streams were posted to Facebook (but have been since deleted from the site for nudity reasons), which were soon discovered by Eiland herself. She can be heard in the video pleading for the man to stop and to be left alone.

Clearly needing time to process, Eiland has asked friends and family to refrain from contacting her for the time being and has since hired the top sexual assault attorneys.

Joshua Palmer and Chris Stewart are representatives from Stewart Trial Attorneys who have since announced that they would be conducting an independent investigation. Palmer and Stewart can be accredited with the $1 billion jury verdict in favor of defendant Hope Cheston, who was assaulted back in 2014 when she was just 14 years old. Cheston and her attorneys sued the security company for negligence since they never went through a proper background check on 22-year-old Brandon Lamar Zachary. The security company never made it their responsibility to reach out to Cheston for the error of their ways.

With that in mind, a trial like Ms. Eiland’s is not too inexperienced for the duo. Opera Atlanta has received plenty of complaints concerning their security staff and some alleged scam just last month. The nightclub has since put out a statement claiming that they are providing all the information that they can to the investigation and to police.

As for future events, popular music DJ Zedd has since canceled his February 1st performance at the Opera. An event to take place on Friday, January 25th, and to be headlined by Ciszak vs. Bot, has been relocated to Odyssey After.

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