How Does Coca-Cola Feel About Super Bowl?

Albany Herald

We are just two weeks away from the biggest and most important game in football history, and Atlanta is more than honored to be hosting it: the Superbowl!

Not only will two teams be facing off for the top title, but many are looking forward to future commercials and brands. Of course, the most coveted sponsor would have to be Pepsi, the drink sponsor for the Superbowl since the ’80s. But did anyone ever consider the coincidence that the Superbowl being held in Atlanta isn’t even being sponsored by the most famous drink industry of all: Coca-Cola! Not to mention, the stadium won’t be too far from where the recipe all started.

So, how is Coca-Cola getting any action out of the bug game this year?

Well, they have already began their plans for pregame activities for the Big Game. Reportedly on February 1st, they will be hosting a “Champions Chat” where fans get the opportunity to speak to football legends like Joe Green and Carl Banks. The 45-minute event is free with admission, since the conversation is said to take place at the World of Coca-Cola Exhibit in downtown Atlanta.

The exhibit will also be marking the 40th anniversary of Joe Green’s commercial with the drink and will be playing throughout the building.

The weekend of Super Bowl 53 at the World of Coca-Cola will be offering many football-themed photo ops and memorabilia. Be sure to make your way there when you get a chance.

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