Kennesaw Voting On Future Alcohol Districts


Carolyn Cunningham

Georgia is looking forward to many new alcohol regulations throughout its counties this year, and with January coming to a near close, it will begin with Kennesaw.

The city council is expected to vote this month at the next public hearing on the 22nd in regards to open alcohol containers in entertainment districts. The voting process is due to a letter written back in December of last year by business and property owners pertaining to the establishments’ ability to serve and consume alcohol.

Zoning Administrator Darryl Simmons wrote, “establishments that are licensed to serve alcohol by the drink could allow patrons to carry one such beverage in a paper or plastic cup outside of the establishment on pedestrian walkways within the Entertainment District.”

As far as regulations go moving forward, there could be a possibility of shifts in cup sizes of consumed alcohol, curfew for the removal of alcohol from the premises, and new codes or violations during special events in Kennesaw.

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