The Strictest Alcohol Laws In The United States


Ann Schmidt

America has had a long run with it’s issues regarding alcohol, from who can drink it to how you can buy it. Some may be working the system in regards of getting rid of the prejudice against a shot or two, but some places have gone decades standing their ground on the issue and make no attempt at change. Where are these places with these rules you ask? Here they are.

  1. New Jersey only allows two liquor licenses per chain store.

Chain stores can only hold 2 liquor licenses throughout the entire state, despite beer and wine still being sold in grocery stores. This can also depend on the population of a certain location, and makes the process of purchasing a liquor license very expensive. The highest it’s ever been sold for is $1.6 million.

Drink Specials are illegal in the state of North Carolina.

Anything resembling “two for one” or “buy a meal, get a drink free” is a no-no in the Old North State.

In South Carolina, restaurants aren’t allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays (without a special permit).

Although many cities and states are in the process of reversing this rule with specific times or allowing sales on Sundays altogether, South Carolina has put its foot down and made their final decision by sticking to an alcohol-free Sunday.

Bars in Alaska can’t open on election days until all polls have been closed.

Not only that! It is also illegal to be drunk on the premises of a bar or restaurant that provides alcohol, and liquor cannot be sold at discounted rates at bars.

In Pennsylvania, hard liquor can only be bought at state-run stores.

This may not sound as bad to some, but prior to 2017, only state-owned stores could provide liquor and wine for sale. Hard liquor, wine, and beer could not all be bought in the same place.

In Utah, food must be ordered along with alcohol at bars.

On the exception of a bar that is considered a “tavern”, this rule is for the benefit of safety since you would be less likely to get as drunk as someone who does not have food in their system. Beer in Utah only has 4% alcohol volume.

Out-of-state IDs are not proof of age in the state of Massachusetts.

Happy hours and beer pong have also been banned in the state.

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