Woman Loses Job After Politically Charged YouTube Video

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Ristretto Roasters Co-owner Nancy Rommelmann may have landed herself into hot water after footage was released of the coffee-shop owner giving some opposite opinions about the #MeToo Movement and sexual assault survivors.

Rommelmann’s alleged former employee of the coffee shop, Camila Coddou, recognized her in a video in which Rommelmann participated in a politically-charged interview on a YouTube channel known as #MeNeither. Rommelmann spoke on several occasions throughout a series of videos that pertain to the criticisms of the #MeToo Movement, including slander against Harvey Weinstein accusers Asia Argento and Rose McGowan, referring to them as “fame-eaters” and regarding the toxic femininity of the accusers.

Despite the support, Coddou has faced her own backlash after she was released of her duties from a former boookkeeping job after having published the video to her own social media accounts that were viewed by her employers.

“I received a call from the bookkeeper saying she could no longer bring me on,” Coddou explains. “She stated that what I had done in sharing the public YouTube channel was slander and that in the legal paperwork — which I hadn’t yet signed — there was a specific clause regarding slander against a current client of the business.”

Coddou has been plenty vocal about the comments and how they impact her and the business she gets involved in.

“As a queer women of color who has worked in the largely cis-male-dominated field of specialty coffee for over a decade, I make it my personal responsibility as consumer to know who I am supporting when I visit a business,” she says. “My goal isn’t to negatively impact Ristretto or to lead a boycott, or to have dialogue with Rommelmann regarding her opinions. My goal is to give people information so that they can then make their own choices as to where they spend their money.”

There has been some confusion, however, regarding the superiority of Rommelmann over Caddou, since Rommelmann claims to have never been in in charge. The alleged claim is that Rommelmanna and her husband, co-owned the company, but she never had any true involvement. Despite that statement, Coddou showed evidence on her social media that displayed Rommelmann’s name on the liquor license for the chain of coffee shops.

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